Alicudi Island



Solitary and unspoiled it is one of the seven islands forming the Aeolian Archipelago. Alicudi is a wild island with a landscape  of high rocky coasts determind by the vulcanic eruptions in the past. The time has stopped here, cars are nowere to be seen, even the roads are not covered with asphalt.

The only thing that exists here is the natural beauty of the long walks through old shrines and pathways.  The whole island is a pearl of  natural and unspoiled beauty. The only means of trasport is the donkey. You can enjoy the islan’d views constituted by the colorful fisherman’s boats and admire the cristalline waters.

On this island far from modern technology and hectic way of life, you can appreciate the tranquility that this place can offer you . Immerge completely in the atmosphere where authenticity and natural beauty unite and become a synonym of a relaxing holiday.

Visiting the little villages remained intact, you will perceive the love and respect that the local people tribute to their piece of land. The timeless villages of Tonna, San Bartolo, Pianicello e Sgurbio, ready to enchant every visitor, are reachable by foot