Filicudi Island



The groups of populations where setiling Filicudi left their footprint of estreme beauty. The history of the Island dates back to ancient roots. Admire the uncontaminated flora and fauna, the wonderful beaches of Capo Graziano, taste the delightful land and sea Filicudian disches.The Mediterranean cuisine is part of the Aeolian culture – do not forget that it starts and goes through flavours.

Experence the magical atmosphere of Filicudi where colors are mixed to make the sunsets unique and surreal. Enjoy the smells and scents of the sea and the mediterranean plants, immerge in the cristalline waters and listen to the silence, hat refreshes the soul and reminds you of being part of the nature.

Get ready for an unforgetable vacation in a paradise found on earth.Many of the antic villages remained intact – Monteguardia is the only place on Filicudi in which you can contemplate the picturesque images of the six sisters and the Sicilian coast. Admire Promontory of Capo Graziano and Valdichiesa, locality named after  the Saint Stefano Church where the houses have kept he cahracteristics of the Aeolian agrarian villages. Cross the sanctuary which leads to Monte Palmieri, where due to logistic difficulties the houses were not restored and have remained intact.Discover the prehistoric ghost village of Zucco Grande – a locality popolated by the greeks many years ago,now abandoned and due to the migratory movements overwhelmed by wild nature.