Panarea Island

Panarea vips


The Island of Panarea is a more renowned and lively destination for inernational tourism. This natural gem has enchanted artists, writers, stylists and musicians and during the summer is full of social life.

Panarea is a mixture of history, art, culture and social life – elements that create unique atmosphere. This is Panarea – a 3,5 km full of charm and beautiful coasts. It is ideal for everyone who likes the night life, trendy locations and bars, luxuroius hotels , but in the same time is is ideal for those who are in the pursuit of absolute relax far away from the hectic way of life. San Pietro is the center of the night life or the glamour core of the Aeolians, where the vacationers invade the most trendy pubs to taste an aperitif, before immerging themselves into the involving sound of the island’s discos.

During daytime you can pamper yourself in the thermal spring “Punta Peppemaria” which gushes hot water (50°) and is used for therapeutic effects. You can admire the church of Saint Peter  – the main religious building  from the 19th century, but consecrated years after. The small museum of Panarea exhibits historic and geological remains dating back to the Neolitic and the mid-Bronze age, almost all found in the prehistoric village Capo Milazzaese, the Calcara and Piano Quartara. You can further explore reaching the Drautto, where a handful of houses sretch along the coast. From here you can reach the “ Caletta degli Zimmari”, where is possible to lie down on the soft sand or dive into the crystal waters of the Tyrrhenian sea.Going on the same direction you reach Punta Milazzese, formerly a prehistoric village. Nowadays  the ruins of the 23 huts that formed the settlement are still visible. You can dive to the famous  Cala Junco – an amphiteatre shaped bay surrounded by bizarre rock formations that create a natural swimming pool. This bay is considered one of the most beautiful not just on the Island but on the entire archipelago because of the amazing colours of the water lapping against the shore that goes from emerald green to deep blue, via turquoise.