Salina Island



This island feels remote and peaceful, it will welcome you in its magical dimension – uncontaminated sea, surreal silence, wild nature and beautiful sunsets are just part of its magic. Salina is considered the “garden” of the Aeolian Islands – a green oasis with lush verdant landscape far away form the hectic way of modern life. You will be seduced by awesome peaks, where observing stars becomes a singular experience, by volcanoes, by unusual landscapes shaped by mighty nature, and by cosy beaches, which will induce you for relaxing baths into the  crystal Tyrrhenian waters.Here the culture of  cultivating grapes, olives and capers is very well preserved, thanks to the people who inhabited this place maintaining their customs and traditions.

Discover the picturesque villages, the vulcanic crater of Santa Maria called “fossa delle felci”, the Saracen Caves, excavated from tuff, and hidden by dense vegetation, used as a refuge to escape from cruel barbarities committed by Saracens.

You can head to Lingua, peculiar for its beach with pebbles, which reflects itself in crystal clear water. A terrace above the sea leads, through well-known for their good food restaurants,  to a small lake of salty water separated from the sea by a thin strip of ground, once part of saline, from which the island took its name.

Then you can reach Pollara which became internationally famous with the film “il Postino” (The postman) by Massimo Troisi. The beach of Pollara will take your breath away – it extends under a steep cliff crape as an amphiteatre and iso ne of the mos charming places of the Aeolians. At north there is “Balate Bay”, you can arrive to the creek through a steep staircase, crossing the house of the Postman. From this beach you can admire the sunset, considered one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. The sun iso f a wonderful rd colorand acts as a setting for amazing natural attractions.

The last stop is Leni, called Lenoi by the greeks because of the containers in which was pressed the grape. Situated between  two mountains and comprises the hamlet of Rinella and Val di Chiesa, where the Sanctuary of the “La Madonna del Terzito” is located.

In the small fishing village of Rinella you can admire the wonderful beach of black sand and of a half-moon form, surmounted by caves excavated in the rock used in the past as a shelter for the boats.

If you are keen on snorkeling the low and sandy depths will allow you to admire not only the marina flora and fauna, but also the vulcanic activity called “sconcassi” wich are manifested with gas emanation and vapours.