Vulcano Island



Vulcano is the Island that recalls the ideal relationship of man with the primeval and the need to feel part of the nature. You will enter another surreal time dimension which colors mix with those of the other six islands.You can admire the vulcano of Stromboli which seems to send the signs of vapour to the visitors who look at him from the opposite peak. Vulcano is famous for its thermal waters and black and sandy beaches.The characterisic odour of sulfur becomes more intense if you take advantage of the opportunity to go biking to the crater. You will remain impressed by the Peninsula of Vulcanello visible form far away and the natural wonders you will see during your walk. The red soil is a typical characteristic of the rocky vulcanic mountain. The fantastic view from the peak is worth the effort – the Majestic abyss of the “Cratere della Fossa”is stunning, looking almost as a special effect in a theatrical performance with its emissions of sulfur vapours escaping from the earth’s surface.

Your journey can not end here. You can relax in a tranquil cove with black sand “the beach of the donkey”, characterised by tropical nature and combines the love to the green mountain and the passion for the sea. You can enjoy the hot mud and fumaroles for cures useful primarily for the treatment of rheumatism and skin and respiratiry problems.