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Torre del Cerrano

All aboard! Bring out your pirate spirit with an excursion near Torre del Cerrano, a jewel of Abruzzo's history! Torre del Cerrano is one of the ancient coastal towers of the Kingdom of Naples. It is located on the Abruzzo coast near the town of Pineto, in the province of Teramo, and stands out prominently on a small hill overlooking the beach. The area was once the site of the ancient port of Hadria: in the sea in front of the tower lie the submerged remains of an "L"-shaped pier belonging to the ancient Roman port, as well as walls and various artifacts that you can admire with your own eyes using the snorkeling equipment on board! You can also reach the tower by kayak or dive into the blue waters of the Adriatic with fins and a snorkel, and personally explore the seabed inhabited by unique and rare marine species, such as the Adriatic Triton, and touch the ancient stones used for the construction of the sunken Roman Port! An excursion on board the Rex Siciliae is the ideal solution if you want to spend a day full of adventure: nothing allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature like a marine excursion!!

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Tremiti Islands

Departing from the Port of Termoli aboard our majestic Gulet, you can enjoy a unique experience: a fantastic cruise to the Tremiti Islands, the only Italian archipelago in the Adriatic Sea located about 12 nautical miles off the Gargano, in northern Puglia. The Tremiti Islands are a small corner of paradise reminiscent of the Caribbean islands and attract thousands of tourists every year thanks to their clear sea, clean seabed, pleasant climate, pure air, lush and wild vegetation, bays, and high promontories: a spectacle of untouched nature! During the fantastic cruise in the heart of the Adriatic, you will have the opportunity to admire 4 out of the 5 islands that make up the archipelago: San Domino, San Nicola, Capraia, and Cretaccio. Other characteristic points include Cala del Sale, where the inhabitants of Tremiti used to come to collect the salt that the sea left in the rock basins after storms, and Cala delle Roselle, named after the blooming flowers on the surrounding walls. For snorkeling enthusiasts, the ideal destinations are Grotta delle Viole and Grotta del Sale, teeming with rare and unique marine species. By staying aboard the Rex Siciliae gulet, you can enjoy all of this without sacrificing the comfort and privacy of our refined double cabins and elegant aft and bow suites. Our staff will pamper you by preparing exquisite lunches and tasty dinners on the veranda or in the indoor dining area.

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Costa dei Trabocchi

The Costa dei Trabocchi is a stretch of the Abruzzo coastline in the central Adriatic Sea, along the SS16 Adriatica highway, corresponding to the majority of the coast in the province of Chieti. The coastline is characterized by the widespread presence of "trabocchi," ancient fishing machines built on stilts. Among the various theories about the first appearance of trabocchi along the Abruzzo coast, one of the most credited dates them back to the 18th century. The Costa dei Trabocchi extends from the mouth of the Foro River, between Francavilla al Mare and Ortona in Abruzzo, to the mouth of the Trigno River, located in Molise, a few kilometers from the border with Abruzzo. However, the presence of trabocchi along the coast continues as you travel south, along the entire Molise coast to the border with Puglia and even beyond, to the Gargano area. The coast is not homogeneous and displays significant variation in its appearance. There are stretches of low sandy beaches (such as in Ortona, Le Morge, Casalbordino, Vasto, and San Salvo), pebble beaches (in Fossacesia, Torino di Sangro, and Vasto), as well as high and rocky sections (in San Vito Chietino, Rocca San Giovanni, and Vasto).

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